Here you are (you're always been)
Sitting from the tv screen.
And you are our Movie Queen!
Watching, eating the whole day,
Believing every word we say.
And that's the way it has to stay!
'Cause we know what's best for you!

This song is for all of you:
Children, parents, grandma's too.
We thank you for your fabulous support!
The secret of our success
Is based on one thing more or less,
We're not ashamed of presenting it,
Well my friends: You eat shit!
You eat shit!

(We) got tons of bullshit and you'll eat it!
Thank you so much!
Please eat our bullshit, got so much of it.
Good for your brain!
Our tons of bullshit, and you all want it!
Well here it is!

We love our bullshit. And you will eat it
As you always do

Here's our bullshit, so cool you want it!
We thank you!!!!!!

Thank you all, thank you all,
Thank you all you little stupid idols!!!
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Bullshit Lyrics

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