Since I got to know you
I've started to grow
And I wont let you go
You're always in my heart
Believe me it is hard
To walk alone
But still I love you and it's true
You my strengh in what I do
With my music in my life
It's only for you!

In august summer night
My taers run dry my pain was gone
And my heart was open
To let your love into
Me to fall with you
In love whichs not broken

In every breath that I breathe
In every heartbeat that I live
In everything that I do
My hearts still waiting for you
In every moment that I live
In every song that I wrote
With every nice dream I had
My life is loving you

This is a song about a mystery
The way I found my love
And my life which turned around
In an august summer night
A dying dream became alive
A smile that made my cry
And a voice that turned me wild
So you I got to know
And my feelings began to show
How much you mean to meand how
Much I love you so
But the happy days went by
And all I had were e few beautiful signs
To tell you my loves so tue
I would do anything for you
I see you here with me
Show me how I have to be
But now I can't show
That my feelings grow
For you what should I do
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August Summer Night Lyrics

Normal Generation? – August Summer Night Lyrics