It's like seeing a car crash from inside the car
The driver's got his head craned back he's telling you a joke
You see the bus on collision course
You point your arm and turn your head and wait for the impact

This is the feeling we learn to live with in North America
The morning headlines always accompanied with sweat and nausea
Every week another puzzle piece gets permanently glued into place

We see the iceberg from 15 miles away
The captain orders the ship to stay the course
Full speed ahead shouts the accursed
The next thing we heard was rich women and children first

The ship is listing, the captain's placing blame on the iceberg
That berg attacked us, I am declaring war on the Arctic
Who could ever have predicted the greatest ship could so easily sink


Lifeboats are useless without rescue
The only ships show up for salvage
When setting sail on the St. Louis
We all knew what consequences could be

With the crew we had at the controls
There's no harborage for the USA-holes
I doubt there's a benign god to save our souls
'Cause no one else is gonna save the USA-holes
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Usa-Holes Lyrics

NOFX – Usa-Holes Lyrics