I have never been one for prettiness prettiness
Thinking of lace 'bout makes me puke
But the thing I just bought has a little bit little bit
I'm putting it on and I'm thinking of you
When I was a child I followed some holy men
Going into woods to do their work
I had an overcoat on just to cover me cover me
Listening for anything I might learn
And there were stars up in the heavens
And if they caught me, what could they do?
They did not know I was a woman
At least I didn't think they knew
I think about it when I look at him look at him
Everybody hides from what they are
Take me, I used to think I was as empty as an emperor
That's what I thought but I've come so far
His turkish drums and two way mirrors
The way he moves, slow motion slow
He does not know I am a woman
But I think I might want him to know

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Prettiness Lyrics

Noe Venable – Prettiness Lyrics