One down - The world to go
Into a rip-tide of atomic war
Extinction - Virus nation
... Damnation's underdog
Termination - Eradication
Fatalistic monumentum
Pungent to the bone
Omnissiah - Napalm God
There is a rot within us
Burning like a dying sun
Breakdown - Confess
There shall never be another dawn
Soulless sulphur nation
... Breeding mongrel scum
Abberation - Annihilation
Mutagenic viruses oblivion has come
Pandemic hyper-disease
You walk the path to ruin
In a state of nuclear bliss
10, 000 Megatons of evil
A hydrogen - deceiver
The undoing of us all
Contagious Idiosyncrasy
In lobotomized silence you fall
Too Damned To Conquer...
You're breathing lungs of fire
Black lungs pumping death
You boneless human cattle
Erased from your existence
There is a bad moon rising
What the fuck? You know it's yours
We should have seen the rot
Before it started - And ripped it out
Too Damned To Conquer...
Melt down - The world is gone
Into the ripper-storms of holocaust
Damnation - Plague Nation
Invisible death - infinite Hell to come
Radiation - E-limination
Detonation-malediction - ignorance is bliss
Suicidal - Funeral-world
Racing for the rim of Hell
A spineless - Gutless herd
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Too Damned To Conquer Lyrics

Nocturnal Breed – Too Damned To Conquer Lyrics