I see how you look at me
Thinkin' that you're bein' discreet
I hear the way you say my name
And somethin' in
You're voice'll change

Then I see you get a little red
When I laugh at something you said
And you don'why even have a clue
That baby I
Am on to you

Don't be afraid I'm gonna say yes
If you're gonna ask me out why haven't you yet
All I wanna do is hear it from you

Do I gotta gotta get in your face
Don't have a lotta lotta time to waste
Do you wanna wanna be my mate
Cause I know what I know what I want from you
Baby baby please don't be shy
I'm coming on strong cause I'm thinkin' you're the one
And I know what I want now from you

I think it's kinda cute
That it matters so much to you
That you don't want to let me know
The way you feel
Or let it show

So baby let me be the one
To take you by the hand see'mon
I'll tell you what I feel inside
But then it's time
For you to try


Every single day
All I do is pray
For you to understand
What I gotta do
What I gotta prove
There's nothing left to lose
Baby tell the truth
Cause I gotta get my heart in love with you
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I Know What I Want Lyrics

No Secrets – I Know What I Want Lyrics

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