Now, let me tell you a story about an era
Of groovy music an crazy hair
Of lovely dresses, pyjama parties and
Car races for a fun affair...
The radios blasting Elvis,
While driving Cadillac... Cadillac...
Straight to the drive in movies
Cause later we will take you back...
To do the funky dance...
Dab doo waa dab, dab, dab doo waa dab
dab doo waa dab, dab... Do it, do it
dab boo waa, dab, dab doo waa dab
Do the funky dance!!!
Aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa
At daytime to your beehive
Then watch the Super Bowl... Goal
At nighttime go out dancing
And move your body to the rockn roll...
So do the funky dance
dab doo waa dab...
The lovers in the moonlight
Like soft-ice in the sun... Sun, sun, sun...
When time is you know it
The love has just begun...
Well, do the funky dance
I lost my heart, over you
I never imagined, this could be true
Now I'm here, on my own,
And I try not to cry
The tears keep on falling
And I ask myself whyy-yy
dab doo waa dab
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Funky Dance Lyrics

No Angels – Funky Dance Lyrics