In this madness, in this world,
With its swiftness and its coldness
You’re my peace of mind, yes!
When the world just jeeps turning
And I know not where to head to
You’re peace of mind!
And when I look up in the skies
Is the one that you created.

Oh shining star, please look down for me!
Oh, what you are?
When you look down at me
Beautiful star, do keep your eyes on me!
Oh, oh, what you are
When you look down on me?

Greed your heart strict, love me
I appreciate you baby!
And though you seem so far away
You pursuit me I can feel you
? within my mind
And I know you’re sometimes lonely

Oh, I wish that I could change it,
Oh then I know you still got me
And I pray my love will give you life
? to keep you smile
You’re my shining star, to take my love and live!

[Chorus: x2]

Where you smile I smile,
Where you live I live,
Where you die, I die!
Oh, yeah! You!
I’m a shining star, oh I wonder what you are?
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Shining Star Lyrics

Nneka – Shining Star Lyrics

Songwriters: Samadzada, Farhad / Egbuna, Nneka Lucia / Gucye, Serigne M'Baye
Shining Star lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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