Sat here by this stony brook until the Grey day turned to dust
When up swam a fish with a children's book thought that I was lost
He was on his way to the salmon hop, that's where they go to breed
Saw me sitting on this log and thought I'd like to read

The night was cloudy but the moon he found a hole
Said that he felt bad for me cause I had no place to go

Why aren't you at the harvest ball with some sweet young gal
You just sit like a bump on the log and call that fish your pal

Well, I told him I was an orphan lived here all alone
But many people have often tried to catch and take me home
They never caught me

Thought that I was a hiding, call this log my home
But the fish and the moon and a sweet young gal
All want me for their own


So I met that gal at the harvest ball, she took me to her room
While I slept in children's dreams, the fish ran away with the moon
The fish ran away with the moon
The fish ran away with the moon
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Fish Song Lyrics

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Fish Song Lyrics

Songwriters: JIMMIE FADDEN
Fish Song lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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