Yeah, I got it!
You like the way I play the cards I deal, yeah!
You like how I came up and stabbed myself, huh?
All that s**t I said on my tapes, n****s feel, huh?
Gotta keep lose it, gotta turn it into wealth, huh
You like how I go hard and never fail, huh?
You like how I stay down and left the world up?
I sold out, judge about a sale’
I’m a heavy way, judge them about the scales, huh!
My name ring bells, plus it sale tickets
As I push passed these thousands to these mill tickets
Hey n****s, get some bread, you gonna feel different!
And you can feel me, for looking at the world different.
All black kids all trapped in
All waiting on the day that we could back in
All black Benz with the black tan
This 90 worth something, n***a, that’s what that meant.
Go rollies, go Cubans
Make what you make off, rollie, go away before music!
Keep them squares out my serving, n***a, no rubicks
Cause n****s learn, just to hurt you
I’m like no Judas!
Summer time, top off! Fake a** Louis, knock off!
Young n***a lost cause
Until I pray to God now we all ball!

(Dear Lord, these blessings)

Blessings with discretion not to blow this dough
Blessings with the striff not to f**k with hoes
Blessings with the gifts, the real loyalty
You know the type, he facing life, he pay the loyal fee
Blessing with abundance, let us bore a w***e
To protect us when they threat us with a false charge
Blessings Lord, cause n****s with the extras’
Help me let the way to what’ my direction more.
All black leather, no coat
Night vision in the dash, make the moon blow!
Moody jeans on, so my denim fresh
Making death threats, but they ain’t get it checked
Need to get some cash, f**k and get a check
You look hot, but f**k off, this young n***a d**k!
I’m balling, your b***h crawling
My s**t popping and your s**t keep flopping love
You came in this game, all the killers with me
Travel around the world, I brought my n****s with me!
Play the game right, I built the foundation
Stay solid while these hate n****s stay hating!
Summer time, top off
You’re not to get your head knocked off!
Young n***a, Lord’s cause
Until I pray to God that we all ball!
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Blessings Lyrics