We are the infected ones
We are the broken ones
They are dead a buried ones
And they've proven us wrong
We thought that we could hide from death
And that we had all the answer
But it's plain to see
I embrace the long and last sleep

Into what end and I heading for?
I hear them singing the last lullaby
But I'm too tired to even ask why
The bells are calling
Calling my name
I wish there was someone to blame
For taking my dreams away
And if was the last of the sleeping ones
The last dreaming one
Would the rest of the world be dead and gone?
I'm not sure, I thing I'm wrong-
But is it not then even worse
To be awake and not to be dreaming?
It is plain to see
If I wake up the nightmare begin
I hear them singing...

(The last hearbeat that I've got)
Reach out
Reach out and touch the last
The last hearbeat that I've got
I hear them singing...
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The Long Sleep Lyrics

Nine – The Long Sleep Lyrics