Getting a little bit irradic here
And I don't know who to trust
I guess it got away (you're reading my mind)
I guess I've got to adjust
I've got my arms a-flip-flop-flip-flop-flip
I got my head on spring
And I thought I got you on my side
I havn't got fuckin anything

I'm just a face in the clouds
Nothing to worry about
Not even trying to stand out
I'm getting smaller and smaller and smaller and
I got nothing to say
Its all been taken away
I just behave and obey
I'm afriad I'm starting to fade away

I can hardly see through the cracks (when I press up on the wall)
I'm not looking to stand up real high (id be happy to crawl)
I think I'm loosing my grip (but I can still make a fist)
You know I've still got my one good arm and I can beat-i can beat myself up with it!


And for what it was worth
I really used to believe
That maybe there was one great thing
We could achieve
Now I can't tell the difference between what I've been trying soo hard to see, and what appears to
Be real

Fading away [x4]
My world is getting smaller everyday (and that's ok) [repeat fade out]
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Getting Smaller Lyrics

Nine Inch Nails – Getting Smaller Lyrics

Songwriters: TRENT REZNOR
Getting Smaller lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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