Let's meet at the same time
Same place
Send your jpeg, I wanna see your face
Girlfriend, send an I. M.

No time to spell
Oops, there goes that little bell
Bye, bye for now

Chorus: Hey, lol, G2g
I gotta go, but watch for me 'cause
I'll be right back, brb
So sign on, and I. M. Me

Mom thinks I'm doing homework
Yeah, research
But I can't help it, I've just got to surf
I gotta chat with my girlfriends on line

We're digital divas
Believe us
This Girl Wide Web is hot stuff
My buddy list is growing all the time


I got a web page
A domain
Sign my guest book with your screen name
Check it out, then send an I. M.

What's your profile?
Favorite quote?
This is just like passing notes
It's easier to type than use a pen

Chorus 3 times
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I.M. Me Lyrics

Nikki Cleary – I.M. Me Lyrics