Make a joke about it
Make me feel all right
Paint bright colors over it
Paint it out of sight

Change around some numbers
Till it all makes sense
Put it down, put it down to experience

The rain is coming down, the wind is blowing
The cold is biting, still you're showing

Your brave face is never fooling anybody
Your brave face is putting on a show
Your brave face
You've got to learn to trust somebody
It's time to live, time to cry, time to let it go

Tell me you can take it
You're okay more or less
Just another dog's dinner
Just another fine mess
You don't need my charity
You can deal with this
Shrug it all off, shrug it all off
That's the way it is

Smile and tell me shit will happen
When all your life your life's been slapping


I'd like to know how long you think you
Can keep the same expression
Never blinking, never shrinking from the
Fists you kiss
And I'd like to know how brave
You think that is

I see white teeth shining through the black
And blue
Say it out loud, say it out loud, I'll still be
There for you

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Your Brave Face Lyrics

Nik Kershaw – Your Brave Face Lyrics

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