I got a red cent
I got my red shoes (on)
I'm on the red line
I'm comin' down to ya

Say you wanna get down.... Lemme tell ya how
Say you wanna get down.... Lemme show ya how
I..... I just wanna get down

I got my blue jeans
Singin' a blue note
I've got a blue groove
Hope it don't get you down

We're making grooves that will make ya fly
So make some moves and we'll sing all night

Say you wanna go high
It ain't what you get it's what you give out
Say you wanna fly
It ain't in the with it's in the without
Say you wanna go high
We'll take ya higher than a house on fire
Say you wanna fly
You can never take it higher
with your feet on that ground
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Red Cent Lyrics

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Nico – Red Cent Lyrics

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