Timmy: hey flappy bob can't you see
You see what they done.

Falppy: don't act right now
But it can all be undone.

Timmy: so grab your kites
And water guns.

Sanjai: my bike

A. J.: my clones

Chester: this big stiky mud

Timmy: its not a criiime to have the time in the sun.

Gary and betty: kids just being kids acting up
And eating dirt kids just being kids huuuh they
Could all get hurt.

Kids: kids just being kids.

Timmy: to keep the goons up all our fun.
Will get this town a other fun with.

Kids: kids just being kids

H. P. And sanderson: yo were pixies
Were pixies

H. P.: we form the view of the trixies
Our time has come the deal is going though

Sanderson: if us stay here we'll come to you

H. P. And sanderson: were pixies
Were pixies

H. P. And sanderson: this is how we get our kickies

H. P.: our plan has worked and they have loss.

Sanderson: let ping on down and show them who the boss

H. P. And sanderson: were pixies
Were pixies were pixiiees

Timmy: you 2 shout real loudly

Flappy: its your turn now to roar

Timmy: you get to corate proudly with this drum and you capour.
You find the kids and round them
Ill give them what they need

Flappy: this much fun those bone heads
Should be here I next we please

Timmy: adults ruin everything
At least that's what I thought

Flappy: you kids ruin everything
That's the lie I bought

Timmy and flappy: but someone else was
Loveing free as far as we
Can tell

Flappy: but you and me can set us freeee

Timmy and flappy: everything as weeelllll
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Kids Just Being Kids V2 Lyrics

Nickelodeon – Kids Just Being Kids V2 Lyrics