You found me at some party,
You thought I'd understand,
You barreled over to me,
With a drink in each hand.
I respect your beliefs girl
And I consider you a friend,
But I've already been born once,
I don't want to be born again.
Your knowledge is impressive
And your argument is good,
But I am the resurrection babe
And your standin' on my foot

But my little boat is empty,
It don't go
And my oar is broken,
It don't row row row,
My little boat is empty,
It don't go,
And my oar is broken,
It don't row row row

Your tiny little face
Keeps yappin' in the gloom
Seven steps behind me
With your dust-pan and broom.
I can't help but imagine you
All postured and prone,
But there's a little guy on my shoulder
Says I should go home alone
But you keep leaning in on me
And you're lookin' pretty pissed
That grave you've dug between
Your legs is hard to resist


Give to God what belongs to God
And give the rest to me,
Tell our gracious host to fuck himself,
It's time for us to leave

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Little Empty Boat Lyrics

Nick Cave – Little Empty Boat Lyrics