I got a story
About all these rats
All these SEWER rats
And all these good rats

I'm talking bout these gold digging rats
These hood rats
My grandmother's a rat!
She just an Ol' School Rat

My mother's a rat!
She just a high class rat
My sisters rats
She just a middle class rat

My cousin Rance
He just low class rat
I'm tired a rats
Trying the get in my boys pockets

I'm tired of rats
Trying ta ride round in our cars
I'm tired of rats
Talking all that jibba jabba to they friends

But in one day
These rats goin' be straight
No dis the rats
Cause there are some rats that I love too

My message to you today
Is admit the rat in you!
To all women

[Repeat: x4]
Admit the rat in you!
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Admit The Rat (Interlude) Lyrics

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