Didn't I see this movie,
With Mcmurphy and the nurse?
That hospital was heavy
But this cuckoo's nest is worse.
And isn't this the one where
In the end the good guys fry?
Didn't I see this movie
And didn't I cry?
Didn't I cry?

Doctor Madden: [Spoken]
The modern procedure's clean and simple. The electricity
Required is barely enough to light a hundred-watt bulb.

What makes you think
I'd lose my mind for you?
I'm no sociopath.
I'm no Sylvia Plath.
I ain't no Frances Farmer
Kind of find for you...
So stay out of my brain
I'm no princess of pain.

Didn't I see this movie
Where the doctor looked like you?
Where the patient got impatient
And said "sorry, doc, I'm through."
I know where this is going,
And I know what you're about
'Cause I have seen this movie
And I walked out.
I walked out.
I'm walking
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Didn't I See This Movie? Lyrics

Next To Normal – Didn't I See This Movie? Lyrics