Here I am
Standing here, Father
I just wanna take out a little time
A little time to say thank You
Oh, thank You

You see You watched over me
All night long
You, You, You, You, You kept me in Your lovin' arms
And I wanna thank You
(Father I)
Oh, I truly I thank You
(Truly I thank You)

I wanna thank You
'Cause they said it couldn't be done, Lordy
Oh, but it's because of You
That we're standin' here together as one

And we thank You
(Father I)
Oh, I, I thank You, thank You, Lordy, yeah
(Truly I thank You)

Oh, and we thank You, Lordy
(Father I)
Oh, we thank You for all the [Incomprehensible] blessing
(Truly I thank You)
Truly I thank You

Oh, Lord, I thank You
(Father I)
Oh, we thank You for givin' us peace
(Truly I)
In the midst of the storm
Thank You, thank You, thank You
(Thank You)
Father we do, yeah
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Thank You (The J.G. Interlude) Lyrics

New Edition – Thank You (The J.G. Interlude) Lyrics

Songwriters: GILL, JOHNNY
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