So what you sayin' is my ego's to big to admit that I messed up?
Man why you always trippin'?
Fuck it. I messed up. Im sorry. Not simpin'.
Nah scratch that I meant it. I
'm tired of this lyin', this cheatin', cryin'.
The difference. What you trynna make? And I cant be mad at that.
I was blind to the fact that you always had my back.
And I noticed that after I saw you cryin'.
The old me is dead now have a moment of silence.

We fuss, we fight, we cry
And I ain't trynna hurt you no more.
We fight, we cry
And I ain't trynna hurt you no more
And I ain't trynna hurt you no more
And I ain't trynna hurt you no more
And I ain't trynna hurt you no more
Girl I ain't trynna hurt you no more.

It kinda sorta somewhat seem like every single night.
Your an inch closer to leavin' after every single fight.
I keep screamin' what im thinkin' with out ever thinkin' twice.
'Bout the reason why I argue when I barely think im right.
She always mentionin' how she so sick of my inconsiderence.
Like christmas when I ditched her then I kicked it with a different chick.
I pictured if this situation switched I'd loose it.
Apologizes is to repetitive I'ma just prove it.


I ain't trynna hurt ya.
I just wanna love you girl.
You get bad sometimes but you still my baby.
Why you wanna walk out the door and give up everything that we've been fightin' for.
Whoa! See I promise this time I'ma change girl.
No more lies, no more cheatin', no more games girl.
I'm just trynna be the one for you
And I'm doin' it all for you.
Give me one more chance.
Let me be the man.
I could be the one you need.
I don't know what I would do with out you girl I'm incomplete.

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New Boyz – No More Lyrics

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