Call it a crutch when you plan it too much
Waste your whole life without living
Gimme a moment that should have been spent
Time isn't very forgiving
Wasting away all your calendar days
I'd tell you again but you'd miss it
There's a place for everything
Everything in it's place, oh
You look good in this suit, it's tailored for you
You're hardly alive in your skin
We've been waiting, where have you been?
We've been waiting, where have you been?
Maybe the sin isn't where we begin
Don't want to rush in discretion
Don't want remorse to be drowned in the shore
This isn't a class just a lesson
Start with a story you don't want to tell
Of the time when you may have been reckless
You may have been young and foolish then but so, so
Show me the pictures you don't wanna see
Things you don't want me to know
Everyone's asking, where did you go?
Everyone's asking, where did you go?
Tell me the one about when you were young
'Cause you're only as old as you feel
Somebody might take your moment
While you weren't at the wheel
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Calendar Days Lyrics

New Amsterdams – Calendar Days Lyrics

Songwriters: MATTHEW PRYOR
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