Don't touch the ground, 'cause it's...
Hot, hot lava.
You can't, even go
On your... tippy toes.

Don't touch the ground, 'caz it's...
Hot, hot la-va.
You CAN'T, even go
On your tip, tip, tippy toes!

If you drop your tricorne hat, don't...
Pick it up.

Unless you've got a
Ten-foot pole and...
Protective gloves.

When I say it's hot, I MEAN it's...
Really hot.

It could take a mill-yan years before that it is not.

You can't bova (bother)
With hot lova
It's way too hot to step upon.
So, swing and climb from vine to vine
Like a mon-key does it all the time.

Hot la-va! (x3)

...It's real hot!
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Hot Lava Lyrics

Never Land Pirate Band – Hot Lava Lyrics

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