Broken pieces on the ground
Fading in and fading out
Masochistic happiness
I wonder why you won't move on
And what you'll do when I am gone
This hasn't really made much sense
Since the very first time

I was never meant to be a motor
And I've just always kind of been a floater
If ever you should come around
And try to keep from coming down
Then I (oh I) then I will be your only one

I remember thinking I would try
To slow you down so we could find
All the things that you had missed
The reoccuring consequence
Trippin' on me in your OCD
A drama queen that just won't agree
I am just the accident
In your ever tragic comedy

Repeat Chorus

Tell me this or tell me that
But I don't listen much to that
Erase the face you wear and come inside

Repeat Chorus
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Motor Lyrics

Neve – Motor Lyrics

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