I think I could give myself up to you
'Cause you pushed your way through my attitude,
But a taste of life on the tip of my tongue
Won't let me forget. It just reminds me
Of all the things I've been fed
And all the magazines that I've read;
I'm suspicious of what you said.

How long can we be this way?
How long can we live this way?
Will twisted tongues bring us down?
Or the twisted world we're living in?
Or am I the one that's twisted too?
Thinking we'll make it through.

Lipstick smiles bring me worries,
When I imagine you with somebody else.
That's when I know you got me twisted baby.
Oh, these wicked jealousies could bring us down.
Every woman to herself,
Every man is his own.
When I'm with you the feeling's stronger,
I wonder?


How Long can we be this way?
How long can we live this way?

The thought of saying I'll give you everything I got
Seems so empty 'cause it's stereotype,
To protect my sanity.

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Twisted Lyrics

Neneh Cherry – Twisted Lyrics

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