You led me on and took me in
Behind the veil but never again
Will I ever betray myself surrender to a savior`s hell

For seven years I`d trust in you
My innocence I gave to you
You`d turn upon this gentle soul
Destroy naivety and hope

The day I found the Judas Mirror
Shades of gray turned crystal clear and
I could see for miles and miles
Your betrayals and my denials

I swore allegiance to the flag -
Then bore your judgements on my back
As sign 'em up and rob 'em blind
Became modus operandi

Battered, bleeding, bruised of heart -
My self-esteem you tore apart
Then spoke to me with forked tongue
My game you threw and swore I`d won

Reflections in the Judas Mirror
Everything revealed so clearly
Steal a look at times gone by
And spitting out my last good-bye

Well I won`t live in apathy, embittered by the memories
You haven`t seen the last of me
Never, I`ll never - pass your way again

I`m stunned you sleep with you each night -
An incubating parasite
When daylight shines through your disguise
The truth will lead to your demise
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The Judas Mirror Lyrics

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Nelson – The Judas Mirror Lyrics

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