You, don't ya know I'd die for ya
I'd lay down my life for ya (i would, die for)
You, don't ya know I'd die for ya
I'd lay down my life for ya (i would, die for, you)

I remember February 27 1994
Trying to make it to the hospital through three inches of snow
Somethings going wrong I can tell but I don't know
I got this feeling in my gut this ain't how I supposed to go
Three pounds two ounces and two months premature
To the incubator is she going make it they ain't sure
Automatically I placed the blame on my health
Hell I'm a father man, I placed the blame on myself
Was it something that I smoked, did I eat or did I drink it
Or was it something I was doing that I did or did I think it
Watching her breathe through her holes in her nose
What's this CKG machine, whats this shit on her toes
This 94 I'm 85 so I'm spooked as can be
I'm praying and I'm asking why he do this to me
See, I used to hold you in the palm of my hand
And just to see you pull through, shit I knew you'd pull through


March the 2nd, 1999

The year and the date I got my little mine
I guess I felt how my father felt and his father felt
And his father must have felt to see himself
Its like a lil' me in the flesh
He got my blood and my heart in his chest
Needless to say man I love him to death
Teach him if he disrespect me I'm'a love him to death
Left to go out of town right after he was born
Got a record deal three months later, daddy was gone
Its like I'm trying to raise him over the phone
He barely know my face when he see it but he know my tone
I'm up at night like do he know who his daddy is
I'm real close to saying fuck the showbiz
But when I here him call his daddy na
And when I here him tell his friends I want to be jus like my daddy na
Hope he forgive me for the sacrifice
So he can have a better life, than I had

[Chorus: x2]
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Die For You Lyrics

Nelly – Die For You Lyrics

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