Nasty stories bout a crucified son
Is not my defination of fun
Its a choice between heaven and hell
Deep beneath I can hear them yell Yeah, I'm a sinner and I lnow where I'm going(you know where)
All the nasty things I've done is now a story chorus-
So I Dial six hundered and the 6-6-6
I've thrown away my crucifix yeah
Hello hello here I come and the purgatorys the first zone Please Please pick up the telephone all your sweat and tears will never alone rejected from the getes of St. Peter there were no wing for me, no he called me a cheater sad and sorry Iturn away there's no way back, well now it's time to pay
A distant voice is now calling for me
It says come and join me it's the best place to be
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Dial 666 Lyrics

Nekromantix – Dial 666 Lyrics