Seeing things in my whole life
Images exploding
You have been chosen
We are free
Endemion, magical son
Nothing here is real, lasts forever
Shining like gods, new body, new blood
The fire that I feel, Armageddon vision
Penetrating me
Penetrating you
Penetrating deep
Look out
What's happening is real
You can't stop them
Now, watch your soul
Just go on forever?
Ziarahs are all burning ahead
Illuminating ways I've not dreamed before
Eternals are inviting me in
I see the images of you burn forever
Can't do absurd
Penetrating deep
Generating me
Penetrating you
Let go
We must go back now
Make my entrance one way
And I can't look in and I can't look back
Oh, we cannot stop now
Black out, listen
We have confirmed angel touchdown
The place is completely ablaze of fire
It's like hell down here
I think we're going straight for the fucking light
Penetrating deep
Penetrating me
Penetrating you
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Penetration Lyrics

Nefilim – Penetration Lyrics