They say this lasts forever,
That's just what I'm afraid of,
I'll never dance like this again!
She smiled like a Georgia summer,
She laughs with the sound of thunder,
I wanna dance like this again!

I'm not the marryin' kind,
I've said a thousand times,
But I've never danced like this before!
She's got them pretty little shoes,
And I love the way she moves,
I wanna dance like this again!

I was free and far from home,
I was young and on my own,
I was blind as I could be,
Thinkin' love was not for me,
Till the night I met the girl named Tennessee!

Lights came down,
and the room spun slow,
Started sayin' she had to go.
Don't go baby, I, didn't get your name!
She said Don't worry
I did not say!

Oh she, danced away with my
Heart and soul!
Who she was I will,
never know!

Danced away with my,
Hopes and dreams!
My sweet girl from Tennessee!

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Girl Named Tennessee Lyrics

Needtobreathe – Girl Named Tennessee Lyrics

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