Worshiping laws of Christianity
Depending on the book of lies
Read in the book of prophecies
And speak the words of blasphemy
Selling your soul for abandonment of God
Living by the book, you ignore the truth of lies
Following the cross for salvation when you're dead
Servant of God, you are only living lies

Born to pray to Christ
To sanctify the priest
Baptized to dying
Is it your belief

Live your life to the inverted cross
The lord of hell is the one to sanctify
Turn your back to Christianity
Believers of God shall die
People led to hell by Christianity
Masses betrayed for the power of greed
By the holiness of our lord you shall crucify your God
Followers of lies, now you must decide
See through the lies
Leave the spell of Christ
Dechristianize yourself
To the unholy prophecies

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Unholy Prophecies Lyrics

Necrophobic – Unholy Prophecies Lyrics

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