[Chorus: x2]
The morbider, the merrier
Do the Charles, do the Jeffrey Dahmer!

Its the corpse grinder you can't handle my rugged rape
I shut bitches up with strips of masking tape
Ever since depestilance invaded me
I started to decapitate motherfuckers that hated me
And I'll murder you in cold blood for your rent
Taxing so many people niggas think I'm the president
So vote
Or kid I'll cut your throat
With a scalpel
And feast on the human flesh of a priest in a chapel
I'll crush your bones your blood quenches
I'm body bagging niggas in my Dungeons and Dragons
Adventures a fuckin sicko on the sickest possible level
I'll eat your colon cause I'm rollin with my brother named Necro
I had sex with all my ex hoes
Then I chopped off there legs and arms now all I got are human torsos
With a chainsaw made for gore
To clean up the blood I'll use your fuckin face to mop the floor so


I cannibal leaf a maggot
I'll gay bash a faggot
I knock boots with dirty prostitutes like Jimmy Swaggart
Yo I'm unkillable like AIDS
I can't wait to mutilate myself with razor blades
Blood and guts (2x) Mooney's body baggin'
They're comin' to take me away ha ha straight to the Patty Wagon
Because they found my dead body shredded
Now I be blundin' your a kid to send it
While I'm sendin' some letters
To your family kid
Letting them know I got rid
Of your body after I chopped you like a squid
Then straight to the garbage bag
Another dead fag for the garbage man
So carry the bodies in a garbage can
What worse comes to worse I'm the gorier
Leavin' niggas in the state of your phobia
Nowadays the ghoul eats the flesh of his victim
So word to the lizard this niggas absurd
From January to December I'm leavin' niggas dismembered
Bitches get beaten
Long live a creatin'
Got dead bodies rotting cured ready to be eaten
With a knife and a fork
Already pumpin' New York
Take mine and I'll have to outline your body with chalk
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Do The Charles Manson Lyrics

Necro – Do The Charles Manson Lyrics