I must be honest with you babe
(just gotta be honest)
I love to watch the faces that you make (when we make love oh girl)
But when I'm behind you holding your hips and you close your eyes and bite your lips

I can see you so might I suggest a change
Now mama please don't take me strange for what I'm about to say
(please don't take me strange)
If you know anything bout me by now
I'm a freak just follow my lead

Baby I love making love in front of a mirror (in front of a mirror)
So that that I can watch you enjoying me (baby tonight)
Baby tonight lets try in front of a mirror (in front of a mirror)
Watching ourselves make love
Girl why don't we

And I'm a keep your chin up please watch me do the...nasty
I like it when you make your moves fast
Mami if I pull your head back
'Cause I want you to see that we look so good together

I understand that your not ready for me and my directory
Your day but featuring me starring you
Baby that's okay with me
I'm the systems next best thing


I see you can you see me watching you loving it [Repeat: x8]


Can we make love in front of a mirror [Repeat until fade]
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Mirror Lyrics

Ne-Yo – Mirror Lyrics

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