Some men sail the waters, some men live on the land
I was born Apollo, with the reins and the whip in my hand
Where I take the ladies is something you've never seen
But nothing stops a man who flies
And glides like a dying machine

I don't need the motions that are made for that hill
And I don't do half the things you think that I will
And I don't see how you find it much of a thrill
That's unless you want to take a ride

Ride my chariot, baby, my role is the sun
Ride my chariot, baby, my steed's on the run
Ride my chariot, baby, we're leaving by dawn
Come on, come on, or else you're gonna see me gone

I got the belts and whips on, hanging around my waist
I ride the skies of lightning
With the clouds running over my face
Start out in the morning, sailing on the edge of night
I can save you with my left hand
I can destroy you again with my right

You've got one last chance to catch a ride on my tail
When I move, my tracks are hardly leaving a trail
And the sun and I leave every dawn without fail
So if you want to take a ride...
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Rain Rider Lyrics

Nazz – Rain Rider Lyrics

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