Can you help me
Help me get out of this place
Slow sedation
Ain' t my style ain' t my face
Givin? Me a number
Nine, seven, eight

Gimme back my name

But I don' t think that I can see
You can hear them
Only talkin? At me
Livin? On the outside
Lookin? Inside to be free

Feel so good for awhile
You don' t know why
Cry while you lie
You are true... You are true... You are true

Save me
Is there nothing that I can use
Please believe me
Am I conforming to your views
Promise you anything
Watch me cryin? Out to you

Gimme back my name
Let me make my statement


Crazy..... Crazy..... Crazy..... Crazy
Crazy..... A suitable case for treatment
Crazy, crazy...... Just a suitable case for treatment
Crazy, crazy
Crazy.... Crazy..... Crazy...... Etc.

Written by: (mccafferty, agnew, charlton, sweet)
Produced by: john punter
Engineered by: callum macolm
Recorded at castle sound studios, pencaitland, scotland
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Crazy Lyrics

Nazareth – Crazy Lyrics