You can have girls and girls
You can have boys and boys
You can have s** and violence
You can have space age toys
You can have anything that you think will fit
As long as its box office, as long as its a hit

Cinema, cinema

You can have birdmen and snowmen
You can have women in red
Hero taxi drivers talk about evil dead
Black hats and white hats you know what I mean
A flashdance welder and jesus in jeans

Cinema, cinema

Norma jean has gone with the wind
And well never, never see her no more
Jimmy dean you drove that machine
Chased a dream, chased a dream

Weve been up the junction, down the yellow brick road
Weve got beauty with beast
And a prince with a toad
Weve got future adventures
You believe man can fly
Put on your 3-d glasses
Get a shark in the eye

(mccafferty, sweet, charlton, ngnew)
Publishing copyright: M. A. C. S. Music
Copyright 1986 nazareth (dunfermline) ltd., dunfermline
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Cinema Lyrics

Nazareth – Cinema Lyrics