when you are lonelly, you are vulnerable,
cuz the pain it cause is incredible,
that your soul cant take it much more
how can i ask you please not to love now.

please try to understand what the time has done
with me,
my heart is frozen you cant warm it up anymore
please i am so afraid of being loved.

chorus 1

dont reach my hand when i ask to
help out of hell im living on
help to live again and see im wrong
dont cry for me is not worth it
try to understand im not the one
lets not make this so difficult for both.

is it my heart?
its not alive,
is it my heart
that cant let you hide.

why are my wounds so deep
you can come and see how im dying
go to the farest place to conceive my day and start crying
then when i thought about giving up and now im still trying ( to be strong but)
now that i see my face with the scars they made ,i keep fallin'

repeat chorus 1

is it me?
yes its me
the broken one.

repeat chorus 1 (slow)

chorus 2
so how does it feel
how does it feel
to be the broken one.
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The Broken One Lyrics

Natalie Pastrana – The Broken One Lyrics

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