There ain't no arms that could ever hold you
Not like mine,
Ooh baby no.
There ain't no lips that could ever please you Big Daddy,
Not like mine
Oooh Oh no.

You won't find a better lover
In all a million years,
They will come
They will go but you won't find any

Not like mine [Repeat x 6]

There'll be no thrills that could ever chill you,
Not like mine
Ooh baby no.
A there'll be no words that will ever charm you
Not like mine
Unh unh oh no.

You won't find the things that I'll do for you
In any, any, anyone else.
They will try they will lose
'Cause they can't fit your groove.

Not like mine [Repeat x 6]

Hunh, hunh, hunh, a yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
(Shout) Oh I'm the woman that you need!
Oh Yeah, ooh you will not find another, not like this simple lover.
Ooh yeah
Ooh you know that I'm a sweet thing and you know that's the real thing.
And you know that's good for you
Oh, don't be deceived, you know I'm what you need,
Whoa, oh,
Lemme hear ya say,

Not like mine [Repeat x 6]
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Not Like Mine Lyrics

Natalie Cole – Not Like Mine Lyrics