Darkness blinds me
There's no daylight
Hopeless faith of mine
Gives me no strength for tomorrow

I couldn't give anything at all,
I was stuck in yesterday
I couldn't wait to see what the future brings
I was filled with dreams but they're all
Left in shadows, of my misery
Left in the wasted dreams of mine

It all avoids me but keeps coming back
The more the trouble I save to relief
Mad at the world and hurt in supernatural
Is who I've become is who you made me

Oh, Oh I won't forget no, I won't forget
These words of you, the words you speak
The words you spoke to me, the ones who made me cry
The ones who dried me out
The ones who made me die

(Chorus):- 2x
(Ending): I hope your happy
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Wasted Dreams Lyrics

Naomi Eendragt – Wasted Dreams Lyrics