Agnes, It all ended up in tears

Well we were an odd couple you and I
In our strange and original attire
I thought, I thought it was love at first sight
My mother, my mother she shivered with fright

And I couldn't tell if you were boy or girl
My mind was in such a swirl
It was a case of grist to the mill
True love grows, it grows where it will

Alas oh Agnes, I still adore you
Oh Agnes [Repeat: x4]

Oh Agnes it all ended up in tears
But you still have your souvenirs
You've got scars from head to toe
It's getting hard to tell your friends from foes

When you picked me up at the station
After my back street operation
You broke me, you broke the painful news
You dumped me, you dumped me for a pretty young muse

So the lessons are there to learn
My scars are caused my cigarette burns
I have no mirrors and I spend my days
Reminiscing on your porcelain gaze

Alas oh Agnes, I still adore you
Oh Agnes [Repeat: x4]
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Alas Agnes Lyrics

Mystery Jets – Alas Agnes Lyrics

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