Come and take my hand

So I can tell you something

Your time has come up now

This is your day of judgement

You've got to leave this world

Of eagerness and shame

And I will judge you

For your actions

I am your carma

I am your life

Good or evil you've got

To decide

I am your carma

Your destination

Reincarnation, your way of life

Look upon your life

Don't cover up the things you've done

Were they always good

Or did you perish for the evil one

For now there's no escape

You'll be judged here and today

And I will judge you

For your actions

For now it's time to leave

Your body far behind you

You've got to let things go

So your soul can be

Released too

In another time and world

But now I'll judge you

For your actions
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Carma Lyrics

Mysterious Art – Carma Lyrics

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