Verse 1 - Murs and [Slug]
[Hey Murs, why you always look mad at life?]
First, fuck you for asking, 'cause you know that ain't right
I just refuse to be plastic for these rappers I don't like
[Well how do you manage to stay so polite?]
Anger management techniques developed out of spite
Rather kill you with kindness than kill you in a fight
[So why you wanna punch these other rappers in their face?]
'Cause they fake as fuck, and a waste of space
Besides, fists, not guns, that's a change of pace
[So who are you to judge who's true these days?]
I been around the block, got a few dues paid
One of the few rappers left that'll do what I say
[So is it Def Jux or the Living Legends that you're reppin?]
Man I'm all about good music, people and progression
I got friends from different sections but the West is where I'm restin'
[Do you really think race is the reason you ain't selling?]
What, you tryin'a piss me off and put a end to this session?
Man, you heard this is for, c'mon, next question
[Alright, alright...What was it like workin' with Humpty Hump?]
One hell of a artist, but a fucking drunk
Though he did get the video crackin', I won't front
[You had a bunch of porn stars there, anything jump?]
Yeah, offered to my lap for some head just once
And I coulda got some pussy, but I was too fucked up
[After the first Felt, did you meet Christina?]
No, she never said thanks, my black ass never seen her
That's why I moved on to my new real queen
[So what's the definition of the 316?]
It's my birthday fool, 316
Plus, the formula for every rap song that you sing...

Verse 2 - [Murs] and Slug
[Hey Slug, why you only make songs about women?]
Priorities man, naw, I'm kidding
I'm tryin'a build heaven while the world's still spinnin'
[How big did you guess it would get in the beginning?]
This is still the beginning, still unraveling ribbon
The mission is to travel for as far as the vision
[Well how long do you think the success will last?]
Man for all I know, that shit already passed
It's impossible to answer that question asked
[Then why'd Rhymesayers make a deal with Epitaph?]
We didn't you dumbass, go read the mag
Me and Ant did one record for beats and laughs
[Anyway Sean, what happened to Spawn?]
Well things felt wrong so we both had to move on
No love gone, everyday holds a new dawn
[Business and friendship, where's the line drawn?]
Family and friends make it past the front lawn
Business is done by the end of the last song
[Is it the caffeine, the nicotine, the milligrams of tar?]
No, it's Selena, it's Christina, it's Serena in my car
It's the thick line between being a genius and a star
[Are you rappin', actin', or kiddin' a guitar?]
Man, fuck that shit I'm just sittin' at the bar
Writing these hits about self-inflicted scars
[Are you in love with this game, completely and truly?]
From the music, to the bus, to the stage, to the groupies
I'm the same as I was back when nobody knew me
[Alright, who-is-Lucy?]
She's the extra that gets to play the devil in my movies
She's around, uptown, sipping a beer smoothie
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20 Answers Lyrics

Murs – 20 Answers Lyrics