Run your mouth your no better then me
Keep on talkin your gonna fuckin bleed
The pain you feel you brought upon yourself
Your useless go fuckin kill yourself

Your lungs begin to swell until they fuckin burst
You flesh starts to melt away from your fuckin bones

Your exsitence is like a hammer to my head
Your mouths been shut for eternity

Unbroken you can't stop us
Were killin everything
Fuck with us and find out
Were wolves amongst the fuckin sheep

The bodies begin to stack up until they block out the sun
No one can fuckin save you welcome to the life of death

They ignite on fire
Screams of pain feel the air
Massacre has new meaning
No one will be left behind

Your gone
We have buried you
Your gone
Go fuckin kill yourself
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Kill Yourself Lyrics

Murder Death Kill – Kill Yourself Lyrics