When I Had you
I Was Only 16 Years Old
But Never Once Did I Think
My Life 4 you Was Wrong
Si Mama Luved you Mija
Since B4 you Were Consived
I Already Had Da love Inside
4 When Ever I Would Resived you
Tender love & Presious Heart
Little Hands Grabed My Finger
I Wish I Could Explain
You Took My Finger Off Da Triger
Since Da First Day Da Docters Told Me
Dat I Would Have you
So Full Of Joy In Me
And Ur Dad Wanted 2 Hug you
You Were Never A Mistake
I Wanted 2 Get Pregnant
Never Regret It
Da Days Of Throwin Away My Breakfast
Cuz All My love & My Life Es Para Ti
Te Quiero Mucho Mi Ninita
Tu Eres Toda Para Mi
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Mija Lyrics

Ms Krazie – Mija Lyrics