Verse 1:
I wanna hit it if it's taboo
I do, outside on the avenue
And let the whole world get a view
Of me slammin' you
In the middle of 5th Avenue
We look like kung fu when we do what we love to do
Unzip and ride, can you feel me inside
I feel a rush when we touch, yeah your doing it right
Bounce to the rhythm, oohh yeah you're my bad girl
Red leather skirt nipple rings, dragon tattoo
Down for whateva, in a swimming pool, at a barbeque, in full view
We be going boom, boom, boom, boom
Dirty, dirty, tell me how you want it girl
But give it to me, hurry

Like that yeah we livin' it what
We be suckin' on toes, raw dawg, aha
See I'm lovin' it kinky, bitin' all on your butt
So what's up now you know, can I get some or what

I need a bitch I can fuck in the mud
Swang that thang girl it's neva enough
Do you know what it's like ridin' a thug
Dirty nasty it ain't nothin' but love

Verse 2:
I love fuckin' all types a bitches, they all delicious
I even asked the Lord to help me out
God gave me one Dominican, one Puerto Rican,
And one ordinary everyday type a s*** with a big round butt
That I could fuck, so legs up
Throw 'em up in the air
There ain't no other man, like fuckin' the man
Right here
You can call me t-bone
Cause I love to bone
My honey's in them little shorts
With them cheeks all showin'

All the bad girls shakin' ass and titti what up
Just throw your legs up in the air like you don't give a fuck
We livin' kinky straight up, bitin' on your butt
So what's up now you know, can I get some or what


Verse 3:
I'm lookin' for that sweet thang
Swangin' on my jangalang
I love your tongue rang
Make a mutha fucka sang
On the sly, you and I
Sweatin', getting' wet'n,
Ice cream on your nipples should be on the big screen
S** rated, triple X rated, joyride, I glide
Deep inside, outside in the countryside,
In a waterfall, on a mountain side
Rawhide, worldwide
All skin and ginseng, belly ring nibbling
You ain't innocent, suckin' on your finger
Nasty little thang, we can s**, so where the ladies at
I got a six-pack and some candle wax in the back of my Cadillac
She said my greenbacks was an aphrodisiac
I said sit back relax, don't overreact
But when we're done, you gonna need an ice pack for your ass crack
So I fucked her, dropped her off on the train tracks
Money hungry bitch
Push on, don't eva come back

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In The Mud Lyrics

Marz – In The Mud Lyrics

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