All of the confessions
Of my dope smoking session
Categorically speaking wow
The priest behind the curtain
Really didn't know for certain
If the father could forgive me now

Guess I'll go the whole nine yards
Dye my hair bright green
And move to the city

Get myself a nasty tattoo
And break all the rules

It's like wow
Deeper than I've ever been
Take it down
Right down to the sugar stream
If it's hot
If it's cold
It's got soul

I reached to the city and got so so so pretty
Joined a rock and roll band
Playin' in freak shows bars and peep shows
Wow that's kinda mad

I hung on the edge of life and death
Didn't have a better plan

Record dropped landed on the top spot
All I can say is wow


Wow is a sexy way to let off steam and still keep cool
Passionate deliberate don't take me serious so let me just tell you now


If it's hot
If it's cold
It's got soul

If it's hoo
If it's aah
It's aah
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Wow Lyrics

Mousse T – Wow Lyrics

Songwriters: TRISTANO, LENNIE /
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