You better stand right there
Get a clue and be aware
You're just an inch or so from your immortality
Don't you get the meaning
You might still be bleeding
You might be rich but that don't mean a thing to me
Go ahead and laugh so many have before
But now they're dead
They're not laughing anymore

This is our time, we have you now
You are our great delight
Scream to your God, who never hears a thing
He's not with you now
The time is right, the time is right

You better keep quite still
Get a drink and take your pill
You're just a mile or so
From the dreaded hanging tree
Don't you understand
Now you're in our hands
You might be innocent
But I tend to disagree
Go one and smile, many smiled in here
But not for long, the story always ends in tears

This is our time, we are in luck
You're going to see the light
Scream to your God, who doesn't even care
He is not here now
The time is right

You'd better bite your lip
Get a focus, get a grip
You're just a step or so from the endless yawning pit
Don't you recognize
The lust for torture in our eyes
You thing that I don't know you
But I see through your disguise
Go ahead and plead, begging is so nice
But then I'm deaf, I just like to watch your eyes

Surrounded by foes, faces all grim
You'll lose the will to fight
Scream to your God
Who laughs at your pain
He is not here now
Do you recall, how you felt then
Back when your world was bright
Scream to your God, who left you here with us
Guilty as charged
The time is right, the time is right
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Time Is Right Lyrics

Motorhead – Time Is Right Lyrics