Look over on your left
Look over on the right
There's nothing you can see out there
But this ain't no fair fight
A lot of people dying, men driven raving mad
They scream out there for hours
And it makes you feel really bad

Heroes, heroes
Nobody wants to be here
Nobody wants to fall

Fools, fools
But no-one walks away from here
Backs to the wall

Stand your ground and fight
You know that our cause is right
We are the ones, whose hope has gone
Hold and stand fast
Stand and do your best
Stand and face your test
Until you fall, you must obey the call
For we are the last

Do you understand how you became a fighting man
You must be hard as nails
And kill with sword and hand
You march on our command
You fight until the death
You fight 'til life runs out of you
And you draw your final breath

Heroes, heroes
We must hold them on the line
They must not advance

Fools, fools
So if you would be legends, boys
This is your chance


One day men will look back here
To see the bloody day
When we stood at the edge and fought
And no-one ran away
The story will get bigger
As it's handed down the years
And so pass into legend
To tell what happened here

Heroes, heroes
We know we can't win here
But we must not run

Fools, fools
Now get yourselves ready
For the last attack comes

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Heroes Lyrics

Motorhead – Heroes Lyrics

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