(If you invited me)
Yeah, Cav Love, brown sugar
Bout to set it like, yeah yeah why yall (uh huh)
Yeah yeah why yall (uh huh) yeah yeah why yall (uh huh)
(If you invited me)
Adjust my mic so I can touch it up right quick
Show 'em how Brooklyn do, you know what I mean? (no doubt)
Listen, yo

Let's start it up (start it up)
Let's get it flowin' (get it flowin')
Let's make a move (make a move)
Let's get it goin' (haha)
I know it's feelin' like everything you want, don't it?
And you been waitin' your whole life for one moment
Well baby here it is (here it is)
You better step to it (step to it)
I know you ready right (ready why yall)
Then baby let's do it (let's do it)
Put your neck to it, put your arms and legs next to it
Then put whatever else is left to it
See you're all in (all in) now you about to rock 'em
Got your focus man, now they got a problem
Who you talkin' to? son right there
The man in the mirror, I see him quite clear
Do your thing Cav (yeah son)
Work it out dog (work it out)
Open up their minds (open up)
Be about yours (bout yours)
Silence everyone who ever try to doubt yours
Get your mind right (mind right)
Keep your sound raw (sound raw)
Heavy bass man (bass man)
Make it bounce more (bounce more)
Make 'em feel it from to the ceilin to the ground floor
(If you invited me)
How it sound why'all? I know it's crazy, right
I know it's crazy tight, don't ever take me light
It's Cav Love why'all (Cav Love why'all)
And that's what's up why'all (sup why'all)
I peeped in, I know exactly what you want why'all
I make it jump why'all (jump why'all)
So put 'em up why'all (up why'all)
Brown Sugar, Brooklyn, it's bout to jump off

You got to (give it to me)
You need to (give it to me) (uh huh)
You better (give it to me)
(Give it to me) ha ha, brown sugar
Leave the ground shook up (uh)
Got the world sweatin' like fiends without cook up
Come on, you know you really want to (give it to me)
You better (give it to me)
You got to (give it to me)
(Give it to me) brown sugar, ha
Lick your lips to it
Work your hips to it (ha)
And steady rockin' like this to it

It's like one, two, three, and to the four
The brother Cavvy Cav is here so let him know
This for my hustlers (my hustlers)
This for my scramblers (scramblers)
This for my sexy mamis (sexy mamis)
This for everybody (everybody)
Bang it at any party and watch 'em rock to it
Bounce some pop to it, this here's hot music
Duke I'm not losin', you need to stop foolin'
I know the game very well boy I'm not stupid
Sharp and smart movement, applyin' a heart to it
Came here to get the ghetto blocks movin'
(If you invited me)
And after rockin' in the porch and backyards movin'
Keep it crackin' 'cause I love the way that why yall do it


Damn baby, damn baby, damn baby, damn
Damn baby, damn baby, damn baby, damn baby [Repeat: x3]
If you invited me
If you invited me
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Brown Sugar (Fine) Lyrics

Mos Def – Brown Sugar (Fine) Lyrics

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