Yeah (12x) Morgan Smith Ervin Wonder Blow your Whistle

Chorus (repeat)
Blow your whistle shawtie(3x)
Go on blow your whistle girl

Verse 1
I'm 16, but I'm flowin' like a grown woman
Platinum status, no wrong in and my up and coming
Like 50 I can teach you girls about somethin'
Poppin' jags, pushin' jags, shortie that ain't bout' nothin'
Now that's the likes tales for the rich and famous ain't it
Chain frozed up everywhere the candy painted
I'ma trucj G5 oh I'm navigated
Got my til gate lights on to no congratulations
People mad I made they had to take it back to basics
16 balls it's no crown betta have that payment
I gotta new dance if you do it my way
We can get it in like Jadakiss and Kanye

Grab yo knees push it back now
Drop it down low
Grab yo knees push it back now
Drop it to the flo'
Grab yo knees push it back now
Shawtie there it go whoa

Chorus (repeat 2x)

Verse 2
24's when I roll gotta ride slick
Pretty thing can I stand about 5'6
So by the way let me hit you with the measurements
36, 24s, benten 35 is
Lil mama with the game in the headlock
It ain't the fact that I won't stop I can't stop
S-Class got the tracks to make ya head knock
Ear, snap, grits so I'm lookin' like bed-rock
I got them color stones even in my mobile phone
Nextel for it, you can call but it's neva on
I know you chicken head maybe even do the wob
Drop it down low don't pick it up until the whistle stops


Chorus (repeat 2x)

Yeah (12x)
You gotta do da dance
We don't chiken head
We don't bounce
Just blow the whistle


Outro [background]
Go [repeats until fades]
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Blow Your Whistle Lyrics

Morgan Smith – Blow Your Whistle Lyrics

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